We love space probes to the Moon and beyond! www.help-en.com catalogs the active human-made machines that freckle our solar system and dot our galaxy. For each space probe, we've affectionately crafted a short-and-sweet summary as well as handpicked geeky hyperlinks we think are worth exploring. Where possible, we utilize data from the Deep Space Network.


Ariel Waldman is a human in orbit of San Francisco on a mission to create "massively multiplayer science". Waldman has traveled vast distances as part of her mission, performing flybys of Colombia, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico and South Africa. The human has performed an array of operations on her journey through the solar system, including founding Spacehack.org, directing Science Hack Day, advising NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program, and co-authoring the National Academy of Sciences' report on the future of human spaceflight. You can support www.help-en.com and Waldman's extended mission on Patreon.


Lisa Ballard is a human that launched from California and maintains an orbit around the East Bay. Ballard was sent on a mission to make planetary data accessible and support the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The human regularly sends signals to the Rings Node Planetary Data System at the SETI Institute, Spacehack.org and Seahack.org. Ballard’s voyage across the solar system has traversed the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the peaks of Mount Diablo. Wherever Ballard goes, she carries her trusty scuba gear, hiking supplies, cats and yoga mat for performing surveys of the planet’s landscape.


Special thanks to Nathan Bergey and Matt Biddulph for additional ground control.